As per Wikipedia, a timesheet is a method for recording the amount of a worker’s time spent on each job. There is no industry which does not use timesheets to track work hours of employees.

Managing and administering timesheets is certainly a tedious and time-consuming task, but a necessary activity. 

Timesheets have evolved over the years from mechanical clocks, punch cards to spreadsheets. Modern progressive organizations have moved from spreadsheets to cloud-based software to simplify the process and save time. 

Cloud-based staff management software has many advantages over spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are prone to human error arising from manual input of data.

Managing timesheets on traditional software is a cumbersome activity and one needs to be alert to avoid mistakes which can cost you money.

Data scattered across multiple spreadsheets in different computers make the process of verification and vetting a never-ending activity.

The timesheet feature on Logezy Staff Management Software is a fully automated process which eliminates all pain points a manager faces in spreadsheets.

Logezy Staff Management Software automates the entire process of creating timesheets thereby improving productivity and efficiency. 

Logezy Staff Management Software provides an automated solution for shift planning & scheduling with accurate calculation of hours worked including attendance, extra hours, overpay, and time off. 

Timesheets on Logezy Staff Management Software displays the candidate’s shifts for every day of the week including Start, End, Break for each working day of the week in an easy-to-read format. The total hours worked and the total cost for the week is automatically calculated and this integrates seamlessly with the payroll and invoice billing.

Logezy Staff Management Software comes with a mobile app for candidates where they can submit the timesheet and see all the signed timesheets.

The moment the candidate submits the timesheet, it is visible in the staff management software dashboard for the manager.  

The option to update the start, end or break hours through the mobile app is available for the candidate making the entire process smooth and instantaneous.

Logezy Staff Management Software is easily scalable unlike traditional spreadsheet software and this enables the organization to add employees with ease as well as deploy them with no loss of time. 

With traditional spreadsheet software, there is constant uncertainty of loss of data, whereas your employee data on Logezy Staff Management Software is safely secure on reliable cloud storage. 

Automated Timesheets Advantages

  • Simplify Process
  • Easily Manage Schedules 
  • Save Time
  • Minimize Errors
  • Improved Productivity & Efficiency
  • Instant Updates
  • Seamless Payroll Processing
  • Data Security

Logezy Staff Management Software is the best solution to meet all your timesheet requirements. It is a tried and proven solution if your organization is looking to move away from traditional spreadsheet software to manage and administer timesheets of your staff. Logezy Staff Management Software saves time and saves costs.

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