Logezy Staff Management Software is widely used across various industry verticals. ABC Hospitality is one of our premier clients who were facing severe issues in staffing administration and management.

This case study describes how Logezy Staff Management Software assisted ABC Hospitality in easing their staffing administrative pain points.

ABC Hospitality is a fast-growing organisation in the hospitality industry with an expanding customer base and roster of employees. They have earned a reputation among customers for their service standards and quality.

The organization was facing challenges in scheduling, management of shifts and the problem of high staff turnover. A lot of time is spent by managers of ABC Hospitality on the administration and management of staff with the help of spreadsheets and paperwork.

It’s frustrating for the managers as the administration of the growing number of employees has become cumbersome and time-consuming. For the owner of ABC Hospitality- Harry, the time that should be spent on customer service is wasted on managing mundane daily tasks. 

Harry, as well as his hotel managers, both lose their cool as well as their efficiency. Not only was the management of staff a burden, but it was also adversely affecting customer service. Managing the team was becoming a growing nightmare that was affecting other areas of the business.

Harry talks about his growing staff management pains to John, an expert in the hospitality industry. John, with in-depth knowledge of the problems faced by managers in the sector, recommends Logezy – Staff Management Software. It comes highly recommended and has been implemented in many well-established organizations. Logezy helps automate the entire process of recruitment and staffing with at most ease. 

John quickly arranged a meeting for Harry with Logezy and a demo was arranged. Logezy offered a trial at no cost for a month, and you could test all its features. Following the demo, ABC Hospitality tried out Logezy Staff Management Software for a couple of weeks and was immediately impressed by its results. 

Implementing and learning the Logezy platform was quick and easy. Scheduling is instantaneous with the coupled Logezy mobile app. 

Managing his employees’ database, compliance, payroll is now a breeze. Every process is systematic and automated. Information and reports for the management are available at the click of a button. Work-force utilization reports and time-sheets didn’t take all week. Moreover, the employee data is now safe and secure on the cloud platform.

With Logezy, the management has time on their hands to focus on the growth of the business while focusing on customer service. All this was achieved in a quick time and at minimal costs.

“Perhaps the greatest consistent challenge I encountered was just the acceptance of technology in our industry. For many years technology was viewed as a ‘necessary evil’, or a tool that had not reached sufficient functionality and maturity to be a truly competitive asset to hospitality managers.” Richard Brooks,
International Hospitality Technology Hall of Fame

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