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Market Analysis and Price Suggestion

Hello, everyone, I’m Abin Emmanuvel this is my experience of my recent task as a Data Science Intern in Logezy….

Disco Every Week!

Starting to work for a new organization is always a challenging task as you’re new to the environment and don’t…

My 3 Weeks as Data Science Intern

Hello, everyone, I’m Abin Emmanuvel from Kottayam, Kerala currently pursuing my master’s in Data Science at Christ (Deemed to be…

SaaS Metrics For Measuring Business Performance

In my previous blog post, I had elaborated on the technological advantages and cost benefits of the SaaS model. There…

Internship at Logezy – Data Analytics

About Myself Hi, I am Akash M Kota. I am from Bengaluru and pursuing my post-graduation in Healthcare Analytics in…

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