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About Myself

Hi, I am Akash M Kota.

I am from Bengaluru and pursuing my post-graduation in Healthcare Analytics in Krupanidhi Group of  Institutions. I worked for around two years in a corporate. I am lucky to have visited FedEx Institute of Technology and Smith and Nephew in Memphis during an industrial visit conducted by Krupanidhi Institution. I also feel a great opportunity having done my internship at Columbia Asia Head Office in Bengaluru and Logezy in Cochin. I am delighted to  gain knowledge from these opportunities. Apart from academics, I am interested in music, organizing events, playing cricket and badminton. I have represented Karnataka in the Cricket tournament and been a part of the table tennis taluk level team. I have hosted quite a few events and been a part of cultural activities.

Project Overview

The project was to find out unknown patterns, unknown things, unknown trends and help Logezy In making strategic decisions that would help in enhancing their market share and revenue.

Day 1 as an intern at Logezy

The day had finally come when I had to stay away from my home for an internship at Logezy in Cochin. I was very much in a dilemma as to whether I’ll be able to get adjusted with new people at a new place, I arrived at Cochin on the morning of the day of joining and I was received by Sajeer who then became a close friend of mine and took care of me for the rest of the days in Cochin .

Once I reached the office I was introduced to the team by the super cool Manager Mr.Don. The team greeted me well and made me feel comfortable. The first day was more about interaction and getting to know the rules and regulations of the office.

Day 2 as an Intern at Logezy

I started my Second day by understanding the nature of the Business of Logezy and also understood the important aspects which would facilitate in doing my analysis as an intern. I was given a data which was extracted from the database in CSV format.

As an intern, I had a little bit of knowledge about the database but it was the first time hands on experience for me to work from the database.
Prasanth and Roy helped me in understanding and interpreting the data which was very useful for me to decide the pathway of my analysis.

I also understood the flow of the business which is very essential in doing the analysis.

Day 3 as an Intern at Logezy

The third day was the most challenging day for me as I had to convert a huge chunk of data into a required format for my analysis. The Database consisted of data from different tables and the attributes represented with a unique number, converting this data into a structured format was the biggest task for me on that day. I was glad that Prasanth helped me in understanding the relations(i.e Primary and Foreign key) which facilitated me to convert the data into a structured format by taking the required attributes useful for my analysis.

Day 4 and 5 as an Intern at Logezy

Once the data was converted into a structured format it is very essential for the data to be cleaned and to remove the noise in the data is the CRUX for any analysis to be a successful one. The cleaning of data took almost two days for me and also I had to convert a huge junk of CSV file to xlsx format as excel formulas won’t work fine with CSV.

I used excel formulas to clean and consolidate the data in the required format. The biggest challenge here for me was to compile and shrink the data. Set it into a structured format that would help me in finding the insights, unknown patterns, different trends in the data.

After two days of consistent efforts, I was successful to some extent in compiling and shrinking the data into the required format.

Day 6 an intern Intern at Logezy

Once I compiled the data the main job was to search for insights about the data. I used visual techniques such as Tableau and Microsoft Excel to do my analysis.

This was a challenging task as I had to completely understand the end to end process of Logezy in order to get insights or analyze or predict the data. The friendly environment Of the office made it much easier for me to approach people working in different domains and get my doubts and concepts crystal clear.

Once I understood the end to end process of the company it became very easy for me to do the analysis

Day 7 as an Intern at Logezy

The final day was a mix of all emotions, I had butterflies in my stomach as I was presenting for the first time in an office environment.

I was able to portray the demanding jobs for the company in the future and also was successful in evaluating their clients and also provided some inputs on the space utilization in their server which is the major cost component for a software company

A deep analysis of a day to day functions was also done and I was able to project the daily basis data through visuals by this I was able to analyze the minute of things which helped me gain confidence while giving a data storytelling presentation.

The presentation went on well and everyone was happy About the analysis which made me feel like I was at cloud nine 😋

I am very great full for this organization for providing me this opportunity to learn and enhance my skills in the field of data science.

I also would like to thank the organization for providing such nice hospitality and making my stay a memorable one in Cochin ☺️

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