At Logezy we celebrate all events like we celebrate with our own family. My Name is Don Xavier and today I would like to narrate an event that we celebrated here and the participation that we got from each employee. This event is always of a cultural significance for our State. The state where Logezy office is located in… Yes! I am talking about the major cultural festival of Kerala, “Onam” which we celebrate without any barriers.

Onam 2019 was a memorable one for all the employees as this was the first major event that we celebrated after we moved to our new office in August 2019. Every employee came in early in the morning of 6th September to purchase flowers to decorate the Pookalam. While some of them went to purchase the flowers, there were others who were drawing the outline for the Pookalam and some of them were practicing for the cultural events.

All employees were dressed in traditional wear.

By 11 AM Pookalam was completed and those who were practicing for the events were ready. We had our clients in the office who enjoyed all the activities. There were fun events that followed and kept everyone entertained. All the activities were followed by the prize distribution and the traditional Kerala lunch (Ona Sadhya).

It was a wonderful day.

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