All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen. These are not my words by it does very well apply to me and to everyone. My name is Don Xavier and I am from Cochin.

I completed my formal education from 3 different states of south India and worked for more than a decade in Bangalore in various MNC’s and was fortunate enough to have done multiple onsite transitions in the United States. I believe every moment, person or experience that comes across is for a reason and always teaches us many important lessons. We should always be ready to learn and adapt. I am passionate about martial arts and music. I currently work as a Project Manager at Logezy. The team here is friendly and the management is very supportive.

The management is open to ideas and one such idea that we came up with is “The Disco”. Sounds fancy right? Disco is an event and is as interesting as you think. It is not literally a disco but a knowledge sharing session, where employees from different backgrounds present a topic for 30 minutes every Friday. There are two events every week. We conducted the first event in the first week of October. The first person to present was Prashant who is from the I.T department.

The session was on “Best practices of Laravel and Coding standards”. It was a very informative session for all employees. The next person to present on the same day was Shilpa and the topic was about “Employment types & Payment methods in the United Kingdom”.

Below are few pictures from the sessions.

There were 8 sessions conducted so far including a session about “Data Analytics” from an intern who was with us for a few weeks.

Every week two employees from different departments nominate themselves for the next week’s event. It feels great to see the employee’s interest in such events.

I would like to thank all employee’s for their participation and hope to see even more interesting topics. Wishing you all a “Happy learning”.

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