I am Souvik Naskar from Kolkata.

I have completed my post-graduation in computer application from AIMS I.H.E, Bangalore. I have joined this company as a Junior Backend Developer in September 2019, This is my first job and I find this office is absolutely disciplined and nature-friendly. Every employee here plays an important role in the fabulous quality of the work we produced.

Each person is very co-operative and is ready to help at the time for any kind of problem. The office atmosphere is very relaxed which is why employees are very happy and are motivated to do their job.

Basically, I think effective communication is one way to sort out any tricky problem and solve the problem. One thing I noticed here is that every employee speaks to each other without any hesitation. All seniors and managers are also very friendly, they are always like an elder brother. If we make any mistakes they correct us gently and they are always ready to share their learning experience.

I always feel comfortable to work in this company. The office space is really phenomenal and beautifully decorated.

Now coming to the point of flexibility, it is a key to manage the time. The office has fixed timing and is project-based. In case of any urgent requirements, the management is flexible about time.

There are multiple teams working on different projects. Every team is very much focused on their project. Every team member takes help from each other and vice versa whenever needed. Teams always attend project meetings with team members as well as with clients, which is essential for the success of the project.

Every Friday we have an event called DISCO, which is a platform where each individual shares knowledge from their professional areas which empowers every employee with knowledge from all fields On the same evening, we have a fun Friday event it is all about employee relaxation where team games are conducted. The winning team gets gifts also.

The name of the client that I am currently working for is Mr. Mike. He came to visit our office from the UK and spent a week with us and he explained the project in detail. We had a few meetings with him regarding the project. He is a charming person who always gives proper guidance and motivates us to do the job perfectly. Along with Mike, our CEO Mr. Seby came here. We celebrated his BirthDay in the office, it was a surprise birthday party which we all enjoyed.

We also celebrated Diwali, had cultural functions, played games, lighted diyas and sweets were distributed. It felt like I celebrated Diwali with my other family here.

I hope that I progress in the future along with Logezy.

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